Melissa Smith aka Lakshmi (lakshmi) wrote,
Melissa Smith aka Lakshmi

Paris journal from last week

Jan 30, 2002

I am sitting in a little caf near the Eiffel Tower and I just ordered lunch. Onion Soup, Chicken Salad, and Wine. When I ordered the wine the waiter asked if I wanted petit or Grande. I said petit and the wine came in this adorable little pitcher. The name of the restaurant is "Brasserie de la Tour Eiffel. My plan is to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower after lunch. I took the metro to the "Place de Concorde" and then walked all the way down the Quay d'Orsay to the Eiffel Tower. I took some detours and meandered around some side streets. I walked for over 1 hour before getting to the Eiffel Tower. I was glad to find this little caf where the waiter is friendly. There are photos on the wall of the Eiffel Tower being built. Outside the caf there is so much traffic. The air quality is bad but the sights and sounds are wonderful.

The onion soup arrives and it is delicious. I only had coffee for breakfast so I was hungry. I am thinking it's about 7:35am in Boston and I am wondering if Charlie is reading one of my emails. I am in a cold sweat about the outcome of the couples counseling last night. Did he say his piece? Will he be coming to Paris? Will I have a man in my life? Will he choose to be with me? Once he is with me will he be happy?

You know, I don't usually even like wine and I am loving the wine I am drinking in this caf as I consider my future with the man I love. I am loving the little wine glasses and the potatoes in the salad. I am loving sitting down after all that walking.

The chicken salad arrives as the waiter says "Voila" and Bon Appetit". He has checked 2 times to see when I have finished my onion soup before he brings the salad to the table. I am loving this service. The chicken salad is so huge I can not eat it all. Maybe I ate too much of the basket of bread.

I wonder how much this will cost? As I sit I was others in the caf talk animatedly with cigarettes in their hands and fast paced French. Geez, even the cigarettes smell so good. What is all of this about, the wine, the cigarettes, and the little wine glasses all seem particularly sweet and adorable. I love the little coffee cups and sugar cubes. This must be the feeling of Paris.

After lunch, I order a "caf". I consider that the friend (Robert) I am staying with in Paris has a bath tub. I can't wait to take a bath. He said he would buy a bath tub stopper. I wonder how to say bath tub stopper in French? I have to start saying "Oui" instead of "yes" and "Merci" instead of Thank-you. Last night I learned from Robert's girlfriend Valerie that when someone says "Merci" to you (as Valerie and Robert said to me after I bought them dinner) "Avec Pleasureee" . If you really want to thank someone a lot you say "merci beaucoup". That is what the waiter said to me when I gave him a tip.

The ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower was in 2 different elevators. I took some photos and looked like an eagle over Paris. I was looking for the Arc de Triomph but never spotted it from the top.

The walk back to the metro by the "Place de Concorde" did not seem as long as when I went to the Eiffel Tower. When I took the Metro back to the Monmartre section of Paris where Robert lives I felt like I was home. Everything looked quaint and sweet. The shops and people all look old fashioned and slightly poor. It reminds me of days we will never see again in the USA.

I stopped by the market and bought some more wine and water. I also got some already prepared crepes and butter for the maple syrup I brought Robert. He only has a microwave and no stovetop. I plan on having them for breakfast.
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