Melissa Smith aka Lakshmi (lakshmi) wrote,
Melissa Smith aka Lakshmi

Feb 7 - Paris

I am writing this from a cafe on the Champs de Elysees. It is crowded and noisy but I have a seat by the window and I can see the way down to the arc de Trioumphe. Last night was super hilarity with Valerie, Robert, and Ellen. We had a lot of fun at the concert on the seine barge in the shadow of Notre Dame. I have to say that one of the best parts of the evening was the taxi ride through Paris with all the gorgeous architecture, lights, and people.

First off though I would like to descibe Valerie and her apartment.

She is about 5'6" with an upturned nose, shes 41 but looks 28, dark hair with a red tinty, bangs, assorted barrettes, and hairdo upswings. He skin is flawless and figure perfect. She must use a red pencil on her lips as they always stay colored a burgundy wine color. She has a quick smile and a lilting voice. She speaks english well, french and italian. The first thing I was told about her was that she "knew everyone" or it seems everyone knows her. Robert spends almost every night with her. He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her. He goes back and forth between the cafe, her apartment, and his studio all day long. She is quick, friendly and has a light laugh. Her apartment is a one bedroom, cozy, and super chic. She has this wonderful french style and colorful touches around her place. Her front hall is painted red with a smal rough table for mail directly opposite the doorway. It has a red lamp with a matching red burlap lampshade the exact same color as the walls. On the left are hooks for a few coats and a wonderful picture frame keyshelf with a photo of this silly stuffed mouse she has and takes everywhere as a joke.
Her living room is painted deep red. There is a beige pillowed day bed, some low end tables
with candles and a huge dark wooden coffee table. There is a tall interesting curly que lamp and a few black and white and beige paintings. There is a wonderful bookcase , bureau armoir in a rough antique offwhite at one end of the room, There are books, bric a brac and a large cherub on the shelves.
Her bedroom is beige, low bed, trunck open with drawers and a huge wardrobe at one end.
There is a fully equipped bathroom with a wonderful bathtub, washer dryer, and nude painting of herself done by Robert last year.
The kitchen is compact and fully equipped.
We had some dips, bread, wine, cheese, cold cuts, and raspberries before going out for the evening.

When we got to the barge on the seine, Valerie knew the lead singer and his girlfriend. This is when she and Ellen told me that they both liked the lead singers girlfriend. This giel has thin hips, full lips, and intellectual type heavy framed black glasses. Apparently, they are girlfriends who both like girls. I can only imagine Robert at Val's house everynight as apparently Ellen lives there too! Two cute french lesbians with a nice apartment and he is the prozaced neighbor artist living in his studio rubble all too happy to visit and be friendly. A typical man's dream come true, no wonder Robert lives in Paris and speaks bad french. He told me liked the lifestyle. Now I see what that actually means. After, They tell me that they are girlfriends and like women, I look at Robert and say "They'll never believe this in Gloucester". He says, you sound just like Richard from the Church when he came to visit. He said the exact same thing.
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