Melissa Smith aka Lakshmi (lakshmi) wrote,
Melissa Smith aka Lakshmi

Feb 11

I am in such rough shape I can't tell you. Robert left to go to Italy yesterday and it got cold. There is no heat, the hot water is broken, and the toilet decided to fritz the hour after he left. I have a sore throat and no energy.
I really should have paid attention to myself when I wanted to come home a few days early. I have had a good time but feel like I have definately visited some nether regions. A french friend of Robert's offered to take me to lunch yesterday and we ended up going to the dirtiest, grimiest cafe you ever saw in your life across the street from sex shops. There was nothing, I repeat nothing I would eat on the tamastic menu. The smoke was enough to gag me but when I went to the toilet that was another story (we won't go there).
I finally had to insist we leave. I found a clean japanese restaurant with miso soup and a california roll. So much for the underlife of Paris. Everyone here smokes hashish mixed in thier cigarettes so yes it is this side of an opium den.
Last night after Robert left I had dreams that were like visitations from models past who told me thier stories in dream form one after another all night long.
I am coming home tomorrow and I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, have a hot shower, and drive mycar.
Things aren't completely bad though the french dancer friends of Robert's invited me take a bath today and have dinner with them.
Send me some good vibes. I need a lift. I have no incense and its impossible to clear the energy. I have been doing reiki and I think its the only thing that has kept me from further decents innto hell. Thanks - Love, Melissa
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